Same excursions every year?

Getting too expensive?

Book Week or End of Year Celebrations?

Then a Toon Creations INCURSION is the way to go!

We offer cartooning workshops in Sydney Metropolitan and throughout NSW for school students Years K-8.

Our workshops are a fun activity to show each child that "everyone" can draw. Teaching the students that all their favourite characters are made up using letters in the alphabet and shapes they already know.

Each workshop is structured to be fun, educational,  and encouraging with an element of pressure to challenge and bring out the unique creativity from each student.

The students will learn the basics of cartooning withearn simple cartooning techniques by drawing characters with a range of moods and expressions. They also learn how to create their own characters, by starting off with simple shapes and building the cartoon step by step. We cover shapes, character creation, expression, speech bubbles and actions.

Each workshop runs for a regular period.

20-50 kids per workshops. (K - Year 4)

50+ students per workshop (Year 5 - Year 8)


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