Cartooning classes are available for kids aged 5 and over as well adults.

Does your child show a talent for drawing? Always doodling on little scraps of paper?
Then book them in for one of our fantastic classes, where they will learn the art of cartooning and drawing.

If you’ve always been interested in Cartooning and just wanted to improve you are always welcome at our classes too – if you can draw shapes then YOU CAN DRAW!

Private Classes (1 or 2 hours)

After School or Weekends

This is a great way to take advantage of Adam and his years of experience with cartoons. He can help develop your own drawing through his extensive knowledge of cartoons, comic strips, and classical drawing methods.
At the conclusion of each class you will leave with a completed artwork and continue work on major creations together.

Tsehay showing off her drawing !

Workshops & School Holidays

What better way to grow your imagination in cartooning then mixing with others who love cartoons as much you do!

Our program is suitable for ages 6 to 15. Each day is totally different to the next filled with drawings, games, activities and crafts. Click here to view - dates and locations


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